They May Not Have The Moves Like Jagger, But Their Skills Are Guaranteed To Bring A Smile To Your Face

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Sure, you could pretend like you could beat this kid in a dance off, but you would be wrong. No one has the talent or charisma of this tiny fella. He totally will take over nay dance floor he can, so don't even try to stop him.

It's not always easy

Now this little girl is nailing the cuteness factor, but her balance could use a little work! I mean, we can all admit she's doing her best, but with those kinds of moves she may want to wear a helmet while she busts a move!

Even if you're a grownup

I know they say dance like nobody is watching but remember - people are watching. To love and to cherish, in richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and to pick up off the floor when they face-plant. That's what true love is really about right?

Four legs are better two!

But if you have the moves - own it.  Hello, people who make the Step Up movies, I found you a new star. Please make this immediately.

Even when you think you're done, it can all fall apart

Some people just want to put on a show, but it doesn't always go according to the plan. No matter how good the concert is, you really have to nail those tricks if you want to make a big splash.

You've got to get an early start

It starts young! This little little baby knows exactly what she's doing. She should probably prep her audition tape for America's Got Talent now, because she's bound to be a star.

That fancy footwork is just so impressive

Remember Flashdance? Well, this little baby is a bigger maniac than she is, that's for sure. Someone get this kid some legwarmers, STAT!

You can go you own way

You know what, sometimes kids just have to make up their own moves. They are forging their own path! They are making their own way! They are taking a stand against conformity! It's just that it looks a little bit weird, but don't focus too hard on that. Focus on the fact that these little trendsetters are doing their own thing.

What's your best dance move? Think you could beat these kids?