Woman Goes To Meet A Dolphin, But The Dolphin's Reaction Has Us All Cringing

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When you go on vacation down south, it's fairly common to go on a dolphin-themed excursion. While it may not always be considered the most humane conditions, going to interact with a dolphin is a unique experience that not a lot of us would experience in our day to day lives.

This woman got an experience that is really unlike any other. When the dolphin came up to meet her, she got a whole lot more than she bargained for. Sure, the trainer was playing it off as "bouncing around" but let's be honest here, we know that's not what was going on.

Dolphins are notorious for their... "bouncing" abilities, and they often get a little bit over enthusiastic with their human visitors. No one was hurt, maybe just a little embarrassed, but at least this lady has a crazy story to tell people when she gets home!

I think I will stay on land, how about you?