Hedgehogs Are Cuter Than Anyone Gives Them Credit For, And Here's The Proof That'll Warm Your Heart

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Hedgehogs are probably the most underrated animal. Sure, they have spikey backs that are there to help protect them, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve love. They are still super sweet, you just need to be careful when you pet them.

They are the best at rolling around

Seriously, nothing is cuter than the way they turn into a little ball. It's like a tiny ball of needles, but way cuter. WAY cuter, because really a tiny ball of needles doesn't sound cute at all, but these little buddies are as cute as can be.

They are known to get themselves into trouble

Listen, we may not understand why they like to shove their little faces into cardboard tubes, but it doesn't matter. It's absolutely adorable each and every time.

Seriously! Look at them go!

They can love you, even if it's a little aggressive

A few kisses for you, and a couple nibbles for them. They can't be sweet all the time, I mean, they are made of spikes...

They get to live out our dreams

How badly do you wish you could jump inside a big bag of snacks and just eat until you were full? Sounds like the dream right? A really gross but amazing dream.

They have some cool friends...sort of.

Sometimes their friends aren't as relaxed as they would want them to be, but can you really blame them? It's a tiny pincushion that keeps moving and that would startle even the toughest person. This cat is just doing what they can to keep safe in the face of danger, and it's not their fault that the danger is a living creature. I mean, they could be a little bit more careful, but animals are just not quite as understanding as we try to be.

Have you ever owned a hedgehog? They are actually super sweet and will make you smile every day. You just have to gain their trust and they will show your their softer side!