The Secret Language Known Only To Kids May Not Make Sense, But It'll Make You Laugh Every Time

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Kids really do say the darndest things, and sometimes it's when they are learning to talk. They just don't know how to pronounce the words they want to say, or maybe it's because they son't understand what it means.

Sometimes it's sweet and innocent like the girl above who just can't manage to say the word "cucumber" without struggling, but sometimes it's a little bit more devious.

Kids are stubborn, and they aren't going to back down even though you tell them that there are certain words that they aren't allowed to say. Especially this persistent little girl. She may know how to talk a little bit better than the other kids, but her lack of understanding had her parents bursting out in laughter.

Other times, they are just doing their best and we can't really fault them. This little guy is trying so hard and it's not really his fault that it all sounds like gibberish.

It's also possible that kids just have their own separate language that we just forget once we go to school and learn the language that all those grownups are using.

Who else agrees that kids just have their own secret language?